Top Tips to Help Moving Day Run Like Clockwork

Top Tips to Help Moving Day Run Like Clockwork

Moving in to a new home is a very exciting experience and because it can be such a long and drawn out process, there can be a feeling of just wanting to get in to your new place. Once the process is complete the final piece of the puzzle is moving day and depending on how you approach it, it can either be a tough day, or it could go like clock work. The key to ensuring that your moving day runs smoothly is in the planning and preparation and here are some tips to help you get fully prepared for the big day.

House Basics

The first step, before you consider moving anything in to your new home is to take the opportunity to check all nooks and crannies of the house whilst it is still a shell. I made the mistake in the past of moving my things in to the new house as soon as possible and the problem is that once your furniture and possession are in, it can make it trickier to check the details of the house. The last house I bought I made sure that I was better prepared and spent a few days in the house checking things like plumbing, window seals, replacing plug sockets and light switches and used a company who offered new home furnace inspection in Toronto to make sure that my furnace was firing on all cylinders. Doing all this stuff beforehand simply makes your life easier and it is worth dedicating a bit of time before you move.

Color Code Boxing

When you start packing your things up from the old place you should make the time to organize properly and use a color coding system for different boxes. If you have all of your kitchen stuff in blue boxes, living room in red etc. then when you land in your new home it will make it so easy to unpack your stuff.

Detail on the Boxes

When it comes to heavy or delicate items, you should write on the side of the box the detail of what is inside it to avoid any breakages or to avoid anyone hurting themselves when lifting a heavy box. Another benefit of this information is that when the boxes are loaded on to a removal van, they can be placed accordingly, putting all the heavy items on one side of the van will make driving more difficult and of course, placing fragile goods at the bottom of a pile will put them at high risk of damage.

Call in the Troops

Moving day in general, is not a fun experience and you will want it over as soon as possible so that you can start getting your new home ready to live in. Many hands make light work and the best course of action for you is to call in all the friends and family that you can to help out. Doing moving day as a group can actually be a lot of fun and as long as you are well organized with your packing then it will mean that you can get into your new home quickly.

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